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Greetings All!

After a very busy and stressful summer I am getting ready to go on a brief hiatus to get my life and health in order.
Not to fear though- I have some awesome things in the works for December! This includes a trip to Northern California where I’ll be shooting a ton of new cosplays for Cosplay Deviants- hopefully WITH other lovely ladies (Denali Winter - Mistress and Model, Blind Vanity, Ethereal Deviant) from the site. I’ll also be shooting more rad sets for Zivity, and some just for fun!

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping you up to date on some super exciting things that I’ve been keeping kinda secret. This includes my brand new set on Zivity (send me a personal message if you’d like a free trial to the site), a new set on Suicide Girls that will be going live October 7th, my tentacle-filled Miko Mido cosplay set, and some fuckin’ awesome publications that Le Mew Photography and I scored with never before seen images!

I’m also offering some great deals on prints right now in my Store Envy store AND I’ve listed some stuff on eBay in attempt to clear out my closet and save money for my trip this winter.

I’ll still be lingering around the internet world- just not quite as much.


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